The Casumo Casino prepared for the opening of its brand new location. It would be the first of many locations for the franchise as they looked to explore possible locations to build future sites. Adex ltd was along for the ride as they wanted to install the same software to the online casino games for each branch of the Casumo Casino. The partnership was never intended to go this far, but the Casumo Casino was not expecting the popularity of their online casino games to create such a dramatic following. There was an increased demand for the online casino games so the two businesses combined their brainpower to devise a couple dozen new games.

The first new Casumo Casino location would be bigger in size than the original and there would be twice as many handhelds in the building as the original location. The handhelds offered the same 200 options to online casino games for the player. Perhaps the most entertaining of the online games for the Casumo Casino included its online poker frenzy. The virtual poker game allowed players to play in tournaments with other players who were online at the same time. The tournaments allowed up to eight simultaneous players so people who sat right beside each other could be competing against those who sat in another room. The online poker tournament frenzy was easily the most popular online casino game at the original Casumo Casino in addition to their newest location. Casumo casino

The astonishing thing was the busyness of all locations never slowed down once Adex ltd installed their software into the online casino games. The purpose of the expansion of the Casumo Casino was to redistribute the crowd from the original location to other venues in the region. Every location they added simply became just as busy as its counterpart. Profits for the Casumo Casino skyrocketed and competing casinos in the region were going out of business since they could not keep up with their popularity. Adex ltd was now a permanent member of the Casumo organization instead of just simply a business partner. The two companies developed a contract which stated Adex ltd would receive a certain percentage of the profits from each location once the Casumo’s fifth location was constructed. At this rate, the Casumo Casino would likely be able to operate about a dozen casinos throughout the state. Each location had a massive slot machine selection to choose from as seen in the original Casumo Casino. Some customers became so addicted to some of the games they would rotate between playing slot machines to playing the online casino games. These types of customers filled every location as gambling was a huge aspect of life for many citizens of the region who did not have much to do otherwise. Adex ltd obtained dozens and dozens of new clients and customers from the extensive advertising their brand obtained from the Casumo. Their profits increased exponentially much like profits of the Casumo Casino. They expected for things to continue to skyrocket upwards after each individual casino was constructed and ready for business.