Audience boost

After the final online casino games received their final installation, the Casumo was ready to unveil their new and improved system of online games. Adex ltd completed the tedious task of installing software for over 200 online casino games which were available on handheld devices scattered throughout the Casumo Casino. The computer company would now have their logo advertised within the online games and graphics within the casino itself. Adex ltd desired to earn a huge boost in business after the hard work they put in for the casino free of charge.

After two weeks of letting the advertisement do its work, there was a significant increase in the traffic flow at the Casumo Casino. The same number of customers played the slot machines and the poker tables, but there was a massive increase in the number of people who played the online casino games. The Casumo’s online casino games performed better than ever after having received a tune up. There were roughly 50 handheld devices throughout the casino and they were nearly all taken during operating hours. It was an amazing sight to see as the casino was always packed no matter if was during the weekday or weekend, or if it was morning or night. The online casino games proved to be a huge hit for the Casumo Casino and the average number of customers hit an all-time high not long after Adex ltd performed its upgrade to the software of their online casino games. The Casumo showed Adex ltd their gratitude by giving them a monetary bonus even though it was not stated to provide such a bonus during the beginning of the partnership. The Casumo went as far as to sell Adex ltd products and gave 100 percent of the profits back to the computer software company. It was the least they could do after the sharp increase in profits they received due to the success of the online casino venture. Casumo casino

Room would eventually run out at the Casumo Casino as more and more people wanted to partake in the popular online games. People would have to wait upwards of one hour just to find a handheld to play. The Casumo tried to install 10 more handhelds with the same online casino games, but it did nothing to exasperate the problem. The management of the Casumo Casino held a meeting and among those in attendance was the owner of Adex ltd. The casino came to the decision it was going to expand sooner rather than later. Their one location in town was becoming too overcrowded and a second location was highly needed just to disperse the crowds. The partnership between the Casumo and Adex ltd would be expanded to the next location as well. It mutually benefited both parties to continue the highly successful partnership into the Casumo’s next location as it was an opportunity for increased profits. The grand opening of the new Casumo Casino would allow them to place a death grip on the gambling sector within the region.