New partner

The Casumo Casino was the most respected casino in town and everyone wanted to jump on board when they were in the midst of looking for a business partner. The Casumo wanted to dip its hand into other profit making strategies to add to their casino and they hosted open interviews to companies that wanted a partnership. The number of businesses that sent representatives to meet with Casumo management was insane. There must have been upwards of 50 people in suits lined up at the door to win a partnership with this gargantuan casino.

The Casumo was so popular in the community due to their expansive amount of games available for their customers. They had more slot machines, poker tables, blackjack tables, and bingo halls than any other casino within 100 miles. They had zero competition in terms of the versatility of casino games they provided. The Casumo’s expansive amount of slot machines could keep any customer busy for hours at a time. The winnings were quite large as well for those who played the slot machines on a consistent basis. It was not unheard of to come away with winnings of upwards $10,000 at the slot machines. Those types of winnings occurred roughly one time per week.

The Casumo reputation was so expansive that some of the businessmen who were here to interview for a partnership even parlayed to the slot machines to kill time before their interview. One guy came away with $500 worth of winnings before he went in for his interview. At least some good of the day came for him as his interview did not go as planned. The company would ended up securing the partnership was Adex ltd which was a computer game company. They developed software for games on desktops, video game consoles, and IPads. The aspect of the company which appealed to the Casumo management was their ability to improve the computer software of the online games the casino was experimenting with. Casumo casino

The Casumo recently dived into the online casino world, but they had all their online games only available for customers inside the casino. When the Casumo became too busy, customers could partake in online casino games as opposed to waiting with nothing to do. It was rare for everything to be occupied since the Casumo was so large, but now there was more room for customers to participate in the casino’s action. Adex ltd was assigned to improve the dynamics of the software for their online games. In return, Adex ltd would receive branding and advertising inside the Casumo Casino. Their logo and contact information would be available for thousands of casino goers to see when they played games at the Casumo. It was truly a win-win for both companies as they both could increase their profits with the partnership. The Casumo had an assortment of over 200 online casino games which needed an upgrade in software. It took a while to implement, but the Casumo’s expansive online casino games received a huge face lift.